P22:6 Photography | Newborn Session Details

Newborn Session Details:

Sessions are located at your home or wherever you prefer. That way you can be in the comfort of your own home and will not have to get the itty bitty baby out of the home that they are comfortable in. The sessions can last anywhere from 3 hours to 4 hours. Once you have scheduled your date and time you then need to start thinking of what types of pictures you want. We can use whatever props you wish to have in the pictures. I also have plenty of props, bows, wraps, tutus and hats.

Day of the Session:
A few hours before the session please try and keep them active as possible. Make sure to feed right before or while I am there setting up. Once I am finished setting up, I like to jump right into the session. I will have a small heater so your little one doesn’t get to cold. I also need for you to keep the home or room that they will be in warm(no air), this helps to keep them comfy like they were in the womb. Please make sure you have plenty of formula available or are prepared to feed during the session if need be.

After Session:
I will put up a sneak peek on Facebook so you can see some of the shots within a few days (I know how anxious we can be to see them). It could take up to 2 weeks to finish editing all of the images. Once I finish editing all your images you will then get a private online gallery. You will get a password to your proofs on www.p226photos.com , that is how you will be able to view and order your prints.